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Personal Details
Alias: Steel, Sthal, Wow You're Tall
Height: 7 fulms 10 ilms
Weight: 220 ponze
Age: 35
Nameday: 32nd day of the Sixth Umbral Moon

Martial: proficiency and comfort with swords and axes of all sizes, though preference is with heavy weapons; working knowledge of firearms
Magical: ability to control dark-aspected aether due to training as a hedge knight
Professional: journeyman-level armorsmith

Born Sthalwilf Haemrstymmwyn to an armorsmith father and a former piratess mother, Steel is a resolute and brash woman who wears her heart on her sleeve. She is loud, easygoing, supremely confident and is almost always wearing a smile or smirk on her face. She is a woman who lives by her emotions, and is swayed to great heights of passion, enjoyment, carousal or anger depending on the situation.

In battle, she is a wrecking ball, thrusting herself in to the thick of combat in order to defend those she's charged with or those she calls friends. Her skill with large weapons is honed through a childhood of learning the ways of the sword and an early adulthood of learning armorsmithing, though recent physical trauma saw her also learn how to wield a rifle in combat.
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